Busy Times

It has been quite busy lately so I'll just do a little bit of catch-up.  Dylan accepted a job at Cogo Labs in Cambridge, MA and we're very excited about our new home.  He actually started work today and I'm busily packing up the apartment.  I hope to be done in time to join him in 2-3 weeks.  That also gives me time to get my students through their solo&ensemble competitions before they get a new teacher.  We had a few inches of snow and Henry loves playing in it.  He also pretends to track things, though usually he's just following his own prints.

I had a fun time playing in the pit orchestra at the Kennedy Center for the Latino 2013 Inaugural celebration.  It certainly wasn't grand opera, but exciting all the same.  

Security was tight since VP Biden was speaking.  A secret service agent used a metal detecting wand and looked inside all the instruments with a flashlight before we could go into the pit.  I couldn't see the stage from my seat during the concert, but I was able to sneak out and watch the dancers rehearse the Rita Moreno & Chita Rivera number.

I got a little fresh air on the roof during our dinner break.