Bulbs and Tubers

While buying a Christmas tree at our local hardware store today, I found these mini daffodil bulbs on sale.  They are intended for indoor forcing, so the big question is whether to pot them in dirt or do rocks and water.  I like the idea of being able to watch the roots grow.  

I finally got around to digging up my pink and yellow dahlia tubers. It tripled in size. I knocked the dirt off, trimmed it up, stowed it in a cold corner of the basement and thought I was done.  Then I decided to dig up my neighbor's little pink because she's just going to let it freeze to death - I'll give it back next year. The next day I get an email from a friend who has "rescued" some more tubers (big white and yellow dinner plates) and suddenly I am running a dahlia orphanage in my basement.  

So, how do hipsters get to the artisan craft fair? On a vintage bicycle built for two of course!