Brussels Sprouts

After attending the "backyard beekeeping" program at the community garden this morning I went out to the plot to check on my sprouts.  They were finally getting big!  I harvested the larger ones and left the others to keep growing.  Maybe I picked some a little early, but it was really nice to have "fancy, baby, organic, local, non-kale" veggies.  Since I only had a few sprouts it seemed silly to crank up the oven for roasting so I found a pan roasted recipe with toasted pine nuts. (I also used a tiny bit of my bacon grease horde in the pan) It was delicious and Dylan loved it too! I'm going to have to plant more of these guys. What a treat!  Of course, kale will be making an appearance in dinner - potato kale soup, but it is still pretty tasty.


Quick non-vegetable update: Dylan has been really busy interviewing for jobs. Last week Dylan had a great trip to Boston and this week he heads to Denver on Monday and San Francisco on Wednesday.  He is really looking forward to the below-freezing temps forecasted for Denver.  I start training at Starbucks on Monday - a little extra income could come in handy and apparently we get to start with "pastry tasting."

Below: Henry gets into the Christmas spirit every time we pass the Christmas tree recycling area.  This is why we didn't dare get a big tree for the apartment this year.