Brussells for Christmas

Looks like it may be the end of December before my brussells sprouts are ready.  Instead I cut some herbs for our Thanksgiving feast: sage, rosemary, green onion, chive, and parsley.  I've been busy burying leaves and vegetable trimmings to add nutrients for next year. One of my neighbors kindly gave me some crimson clover seed to try out as a cover crop. I hope the screen will keep the rabbits off until it gets established. The kale is flourishing and I might get a second crop of broccoli.

Over the weekend Dylan and I went to Binkert's on the east side of Baltimore for german-style sausages. We've found that sausage makes a nice Thanksgiving dinner, the timing and portions work better in a small kitchen.  We got some debriziner (spicy), bauernwurst (smoky), and blutwurst (bloody).  The blutwurst was a special request from Dylan, who fell in love with the stuff on our honeymoon in Ireland. Luckily I like it too.  We'll have a few sausages with cornbread stuffing, red cabbage, and pecan pie for dessert.