Blood Sausages

First of all, a little bird told me that one of my beloved readers is sick and stuck in bed.  So here's another post to help pass the time - Get Well Soon!  I apologize if you don't share our affection for blood sausage but I'll post cute dog pictures at the end to make up for it.  

I'm a little weird - I planned our honeymoon itinerary in Ireland around Rigney's B&B because they made amazing black and white puddings. Luckily Dylan enjoyed them as much as I did.  The german blutwurst are very similar in flavor, but usually don't have grain in them.  To prepare ours I heated the links in boiling water. Then I sliced and lightly pan fried them to get a good crispy outer layer.  We ate the sausage with cheese pierogi from the freezer, sautéed onions, and some fantastically sinus-clearing Bavarian mustard.  Not exactly an "authentic" combination, but very tasty.  You really should try blood sausage - the flavor is actually very mild, with spices like mace and clove, no "irony" blood flavor.  

We also had garden broccoli to start so it wasn't a completely unhealthy meal.

And now the dog pictures . . . Henry observes rush hour on Main Street. He likes it so much I might start bringing a book.

Henry really doesn't have enough toys.  This morning I sewed him a fleece vest for when it gets really cold (modeled after his Thundershirt).  Henry was not particularly cooperative through the fitting process but he seems to like the finished product and he looks super cute!