Berry Picking

Berry picking was not on the agenda today but the weather was too nice to stay inside.  I slopped on the sunscreen, grabbed my giant hat and headed out for the afternoon.  The blueberry bushes were a little picked over so I got just enough to make some muffins, but the raspberry bushes were laden with fruit.

Picking was easy because the bushes had almost no thorns. 

I worked my way up and down the rows for about and hour and a half, picking almost 6 lbs of raspberries.  Once home, I made blueberry cornmeal muffins and tomorrow I'll be freezing berries and making raspberry jam.  I never buy berries at the store anymore so when they are local and in-season I tend to pig out.

I'm doing lots of fun stuff this week because it is my annual "time off from practicing the bassoon."  Some years I've needed to take off a whole month (to avoid total burn-out) but this summer I think a week will be plenty.  I think having a big garden to dig in this summer has really helped keep my career anxieties at bay, not to mention the health benefits of the exercise, sunshine & fresh air, and extra vegetables.