Herb Garden Progress

I’ve found the basement herb garden to be quite handy already. The snow is not a problem yet (we don’t have any and it isn't even cold) but Dog-Boy Henry used to get all excited and demand a walk when I stepped outside to cut herbs. Now I go down to the basement to cut herbs and he thinks I’m doing laundry - boring.

A brief recap: I potted up rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano, sage, and chive plants that I either purchased or dug out of my yard. They sat on the patio for a week or two getting used to their new pots.

Then I moved them down into the basement. I’ve used my plant table to start seedlings in the spring for three years but this is my first all-winter project. The inexpensive T12 shop lights work fine, but my new T5's put out a lot more light and I hope the bulbs will last longer. I’m using plastic plant trays under the pots to catch water. A small fan helps keep the air moving and helps prevents mold. I don’t have a faucet in the basement so all water has to come down the stairs with me.

My favorite piece of equipment is this el-cheapo timer. I used to forget to turn the lights on or off resulting in major plant guilt. Now I just set the timer and try to water once or twice a week.

The first challenge so far - getting rid of these aphids on the thyme. I trimmed most off, squished a few and rinsed off the rest in the kitchen sink. It seems like the problem is under control now. I didn’t really want to use soap or neem because I'm eating these.

Any day now my new heat mat and micro green supplies will arrive from Johny’s Selected Seeds. I will also start cilantro, basil, and dill seeds then. Why no parsley? I actually love good flat-leaf parsley and grow tons of it in my garden plot. Similar to the way cilantro was always fresh, abundant, and cheap when we lived in Miami, good parsley is usually easy to find in the groceries and Armenian markets of Watertown.