Last night I went to my first pro baseball game.  The Fastspot office (where Dylan works) goes as a group every year and gets two rows in a section between 2nd and 3rd base. The traffic and parking were abysmal, but the weather was gorgeous and after a few Natty Boh's we were having a great time.  The Orioles have been doing well this season and swept the Pittsburg Pirates. Winning is fun!

The baseball stadium, Camden Yards, is modeled after Fenway in Boston but was built much more recently.  Apparently this is the Baltimore equivalent of the "big green monster"

All I know is that we went behind the "monster" to get a pit beef sandwich and a grilled Old Bay sausage with peppers and onions.  I also really enjoyed watching them clean the field - they never show that on TV! 

In other news, I harvested a green monster of my own this morning.  It wouldn't fit in my sink so I had to do the initial rinse in the shower.

(Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce from seeds Mom gave me)