Back Yard Garden

The mystery bulbs finally bloomed.  I was hoping for snowdrops or crocus but it looks like I've got a big border of wild onion, false garlic, or possibly Star of Bethlehem, since they don't smell like onion.  Either way, the foliage is getting ratty and it is taking up space in my best planting bed.  I'll move it to some less prime real estate in the fall, aka "the kill zone."  The Solomon's Seal from the plant swap is blooming very nicely and the transplanted hostas are getting huge on the shady side of the yard.

I'm putting a few tomato plants in the backyard in case the community garden gets devastated by late blight again.  I was able to fit four plants; Cherokee Purple (from mom's grocery store tomato), 2 Costoluto Genovese, and Sweet Baby Girl (a cherry hybrid that was a gift from our friend Joe's mother-in-law). The dinosaur kale is moving out to the plot, making room for two cubanelle pepper plants.  Yes, I really should have waited for Memorial day, but this spot is sheltered and easy to step out the back door and cover if a late frost threatens. Henry is pretty bored by gardening.