Back to Normal

Things are getting back to normal.  After 2 days we got power back, though not soon enough to save the contents of our refrigerator (all ice and dry ice in the area sold out quickly). I'm glad I decided on traditional canning rather than freezer jam for my big batches of raspberry and raspberry-habanero jam last week.  This morning I arrived at the garden at 8 am and got a great harvest.

Green tomatoes (Consteluto Genovese?), a bunch of chives, a ton of green beans (Blue Lake), a little lettuce, carrots (they are supposed to be radish sized), and an onion. I had to trim a damaged branch off a tomato plant, so I may try making some fried green tomatoes as a special treat.

Below: I spent a lot of time picking and squishing these Mexican Bean Beetle larvae that were on my green bean plants - so gross.

Even though I got a late start planting, my melons seem to like the heat and have put on a lot of blossoms. I stopped at a farm stand on the way home and picked out a ripe one for dessert this evening.

My car was in the shop yesterday so I walked down the road to the court house to mail some things.  In the shade it was still somewhat cool and I ate a few road berries, though they were small and bitter. We are lucky to have so many trees.