Autumn Preparations

Sometime last week there was a light frost out at the garden plot, so all but the amazing cherry tomato plant had to be pulled.  Because of problems with various tomato diseases, I put all the plants and fruit in a garbage bag for the city trash rather than composting.  For now I have piled all the other dead "ruffage" - nasturtiums, borage, marigolds, herbs, peppers, lima beans, green beans and fava plants on the empty beds.  In a few days I plan to come back and bury it all in trenches to compost in place over the winter.

On the bright side, the cauliflower plants I started from seed back in March are finally doing something - hopefully making heads. The kale and swiss chard have also put out new growth with the rain and cooler weather. Please disregard the rampant weeds. Right about the time I was going to buckle down and do some major weeding, a bumble bee built a nest somewhere in the plot and was so aggressive that I could only garden for a short time in the morning before it warmed up.  "but Bumble bees are docile" you say? That's what we thought too until Dylan and I were stung multiple times and chased out of the garden.

(Below) My plot neighbors have some fantastic looking butternut squash on high trellises and what looks like maybe a Chinese "winter melon"

The flower garden out front still looks really nice.  I've started rearranging a few things for next year and soon it will be time to plant my first bulbs.  Also in preparation for the long winter ahead, I got myself a banjo!  It is exciting to learn a new instrument just for fun and soon Dylan and I will be able to play together.  The guitar shop also had a great dog. Much better picture of the dog - I do not have any patience left tonight to keep messing with my banjo picture, so it will just stay turned to the side.