Autumn in the Garden

Things have been steadily cooling off, but this morning we woke to a crisp 55 degrees.  What a reminder that our average first frost date is just a month away!  I've got to get out there today, dig up the melon patch and plant the last of my fall and winter greens and herbs.  With the help of some row-covers I might be able to keep them alive until the snow comes.  

Below:  My plot neighbor was very proud of his harvest.  He gave me one of these asian squash/melon/cucumber things and pantomimed "peel, slice, stirfry."  I might try it tonight.

Yesterday I canned 5 1/2 more pints of tomato puree, 3 pints of pears in ginger syrup, and one pint of pickled green beans.  This is my first attempt at pickled green beans, I used the pickling spice mix from the Armenian market.  Hopefully we like them because it is a great use for those green beans that you missed one day, then came back 2 days later and they were the size of baseball bats. I harvested another 30lbs of Bartlett pears with LURC on Wednesday night and had planned to can them all at once, but they are not ripening cooperatively.

The plot tomato plants are winding down but I should have enough for at least one big batch of salsa and maybe some more sauce. I've pulled out the Pink Honey, Black from Tula, Defiant, and a Sun-gold. Unfortunately I can't compost them because of the late blight and other fungus problems.  The cucumbers and melons are just a memory.  Green beans are going strong and Taylor horticultural beans (below) are looking great.  I think the yellow eye (dry) beans will even attempt to make a crop but I doubt they will make it before the frost. We will probably end up eating them as string beans.

And the flowers!