August Harvest

"Danvers Half-long" and "Parisienne" (the round ones) carrots and no-name garlic I got from a neighbor. I'm not sure home-grown carrots are worth the weeding effort and garden real estate.

Above: "Beit Alpha" cucumber Below: "Boston Pickling" cucumber

This is my first try growing cucumbers and the beetles are giving me a little trouble but I still expect a plentiful crop.  These garden cucumbers are so much sweeter and crisper than what I've been able to get at the store. I have high hopes for my pickles this year. Last year's canned pickles were mushy and awful, but the cucumbers were a little old.

The melons are going gangbusters, escaping my plot, and growing into the paths. This one should be ripe within a week.

This morning Dylan and I worked on the backyard tomato rigging. I had already jogged the dog and worked in the garden - which is why I look so tired and dirty. (I let Dylan sleep in - he and Henry were up in the middle of the night defending the household from mating raccoon invasion)