At-home Mushroom Kit

On Saturday I finally had the opportunity to start up my mushroom kit from North Spore. I'm really excited.

I bought this kit at a farmers market in Portland, but if anyone wants to send me another, I'd be happy to test and review it

The kit came with printed instructions that you can also read on the North Spore website.

I cut a slit in the plastic with a knife and sprayed the area with a fine mist of water. I'm keeping this kit in the kitchen but may try adding a humidity tent if things seem to be drying out.

So, in about two weeks I should start seeing the tiny mushrooms. After the first harvest I can soak and try to re-sprout a few more times, and then I could try crumbling the block in the yard or garden plot. Maybe I'll have little pioppino mushrooms growing in the compost pile.

Also in the kitchen: The window shelves that Dylan built me are starting to fill up with fun little plants. I like playing with them while I drink coffee and watch the snow fall before work.

I'm planning a terrarium for the tropicals so I can have my ball jars and the cheese dome back. We're going to add some supplemental lighting too.

Unrelated: Possibly the only upside walking the beast at 6:30 am on a cold morning is that you can catch the full moon rising over Fresh Pond