April Returns

As April draws to a close, I'm checking the flower beds to see what came back and what has disappeared over the winter. We had some very low temperatures, often without snowcover and there was a family of voles tunneling and chewing on the roots of my perennials.

The daffodils (Ceylon, Pink Charm, and Thalia) are back and looking good. Only about half of the pink tulips came back - though it could be my fault. Often I accidentally disturb bulbs when trying to squeeze in other plants later in the season

I found this tulip bulb in a trash pile while walking the dog and stuck it in the bed by the back porch. It seems to thrive in the doggie "splash zone".

The sedums are my most reliable perennials and many of the cuttings I rooted last year are back.

Less successful, the agastache 'golden jubilee' I was so excited about last season doesn't seem to be coming back. I also lost the new stokesia 'color wheel' I bought in the fall. The bleeding heart has also been a no-show this year.

The variegated silene seems to be reverting back to just white and green and losing the stripes in season 3.

in 2016

in 2017

In all it seems that everything is blooming 1-2 weeks later than last year. We did remember to drive by the tulip house though!