Aphids on the Thyme

A few posts ago I wrote about finding aphids on my thyme plants in the basement. I thought a quick rinse and a trim would take care of the problem but I guess I didn't get them all. The French thyme was in the worst shape. It didn't seem to suffer much from aphids when it was outdoors - maybe it is more vulnerable now because of the lower light and lack of aphid predators in the basement.

The aphids are on the underside of all those folded over leaves - pretty much everywhere. I decided to go for the nuclear approach and trimmed the plant down to the stump. I am fairly confident it will grow back. I don't want to be harboring a bunch of aphids on my growing table when it comes time to start vegetable seedlings.

The English thyme has been much happier in the basement and has put on new growth. It has only a few spots of aphid damage. Maybe this variety has a better resistance. I circled the telltale curled back leaves.

I trimmed out all the aphid damaged parts I could find and gave it a brisk rinse in the sink. The other herbs in the basement do not seem to interest the aphids.