Another Sunny Saturday

Dylan and I were cruising around Watertown this morning checking out the town-wide yard sale when we passed this amazing garden.  I think the lawn is entirely tulips and daffodils.  Later I rounded up some extra plants and headed to the Mid Cambridge Plant swap.  The swap was very informal- drop off your labelled plants, pick up some things you'd like.  Lots of friendly gardeners were just hanging around chatting and checking out what people were bringing.  I came away a nice box full of asters, garden phlox, lemon balm, lunaria, some Solomon's Seal, a clump of Siberian purple irises, sweet woodruff, and a fern.  Some of these things are borderline invasive but I'm hoping that means they won't die.  This evening I'll probably move the Solomon's seal to a shadier location in the backyard. 


The first asparagus harvest was a big hit. I pan roasted them with olive oil and salt - they were so delicious and much more tender than asparagus I've had before. It is a little late this year, but next year I will definitely expand the asparagus bed. One plant is not enough.