Adventures in Food Preservation

I'm not growing any cucumbers this year so yesterday I picked up pound or so of those little kirby cucumbers at the new Wegmans.* (see gripe about Wegmans at bottom of post) This afternoon I made a small patch of pickles.  I used the same brine for all, but I made 3 jars of dill pickles and 3 jars of spicy bread & butters (mustard seed, black pepper, chili flakes, and a tiny pinch of sugar).  I've canned jams and fruit before and things seemed to be going pretty smoothly.

Looking good.  Wait - where is jar #6?

The last jar cracked in the water bath but it didn't bust open until I tried to take it out.  I'm waiting for the water to cool before I clean it up but at least I wasn't making jam.  

*Wegmans is the grocery chain that I remember from living in Rochester, but instead of being a cozy, high quality neighborhood grocery, this store is like a cross between Whole Foods and Ikea, complete with milling crowds, aggressive marketing campaigns, and a layout designed to make you walk past everything to find the one item you needed.  Ok, they did have some nice stuff like organic turkey deli meat so I might venture in on occasion, but only early on a weekday.