Adding Spring Bulbs for 2016

I wasn't planning to add any bulbs this year but a few mysteriously ended up in my cart at the hardware store. They aren't quite as good looking as the bulbs I ordered from Brent and Becky's last year but I think they will do ok. I approximately followed the planting directions on the packages.

Daffodils usually return in our area and are not very attractive to squirrels so I picked up "Thalia" and "Pink Charm" to go with last year's "Ceylon". (pic below)

I've never tried planting tulips but have read that the Darwin hybrids are more likely to return for more than one spring. I like the idea of a longer term investment. It wasn't easy finding room for all these bulbs between the perennials and existing bulbs. I pulled out the last of the dahlias to make some room and accidentally dug up my poor peony for the second year in a row. Maybe these pictures will help next year.

This year I added most of the bulbs to the left side of the garden. That side stays drier (because my hose is too short) and has pretty lean soil. I was proud of myself for remembering to chuck in a little Espoma Bulb-Tone fertilizer. Things look a bit rough now but I am excited for the results next spring.