Activities with Beans

I’ve started collecting games and other activities that can be worked into Get Growing! lessons. Sometimes I don’t get around to using them but it is always good to have extra activities up your sleeve. My current class is mostly 1st graders.

Bean Farm

I got this idea from my friend Rose, who is helping out with the class. She has a big tub of dried beans, peas, lentils, and a little rice that can be used for all sorts of projects. Last week the students each got a scoop of mixed beans on a paper plate to sort or count or make pictures with. They really seemed to enjoy it and it was a good opportunity to talk about different ways of sorting things.

It turns out I have enough beans of embarrassing age in the back of the cabinet to make my own bean farm. Dried beans are best for eating within a year, but if we are ever snowed in and starving, I could boil up the Bean Farm.

Legume Memory

Like the classic kid's game with the pictures on pairs of cards - but with legumes! (oh boy!) I wrote the bean name and taped a beans to the cards. I made enough for 3 small games (for about 4 students each) but I imagine you could put them all together for a massive memory game if you had the floor space and class attention span. At some point I might make this printable on card stock with nice pictures of the beans.

Circle Game: “Seed you may wander”

My class loved “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle. I think we can do a nice variation on “Button you may wander”. We’ll pass a big dried fava bean and instead of “Bright eyes will find you, Sharp eyes will find you” we can sing “Cold winds will blow you, Sharp beaks might eat you”, like what happens to the seed in the story.