A week makes a big difference

After almost a week on the road I was very excited to get back in the garden.  My plants still don't match the size and vigor of some of my super-gardener neighbors, but the lettuces have probably doubled in size since the last pictures.  Some of the spinach looks like it may survive and the peas and beans are great.  I went crazy on Tuesday - spreading bags of compost and setting up my tomato beds.  Four tomato plants were ready (Pink Honey, Consteluto Genovese, Black from Tula, and Mom's mystery tomato) and I'll add two more next week. 

The patio garden is filling up.  I have not succeeded in leaving much space for sitting, but we have lots of herbs and flowers.  In a week or two the tomatoes, peppers, and basil will be transplanted to the big garden, giving us a little more room.  

Yesterday evening I dragged Dylan out to the garden to show him the progress.  It wasn't hard because the weather was gorgeous and he likes to visit the goats.