2nd Sunday Market

On our morning walk Henry and I checked out the vendors setting up for Ellicott City's "2nd Sunday Market" and we were intrigued by the smells coming from this beauty. Then we went home for some cinnamon apple pancakes, a good dog nap, and I started simmering a big pot of tomato puree for canning this evening.

Dylan and I interrupted Henry's blissful slumber for an afternoon trip down to the market but he ended up really enjoying himself.  Dylan and I shared the best rare pit beef sandwich ever (no pictures - ate too fast) and the pit master gave me a big hunk of well-done "dog beef" for Henry. He loved the little piece we gave him in the parking lot.  I considered chopping it up and stewing it with beans for us, but Dylan says I should honor the intention of the giver.  

I finished up the market shopping with a nice loaf of olive rosemary bread and two pounds of sweet peppers. Unfortunately the pepper plants in my garden froze on Friday night, but these should get me through.  Everyone at the market wanted to stop and talk to Henry. He was so well behaved and really enjoyed the attention.  I guess it makes up for the way he gets really needy and annoying whenever he feels a burp or fart coming.